Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasure Hunting at The Baltimore Antique Bottle Show and Sale

The Baltimore Antique Bottle and Sale show was a little slice of quirky, unique Baltimore at it’s best. The Physical Education building at Essex Community College was filled up with bottle collectors from all over the country showing off everything from mason jars and apothecary jars, to 100 year old tobacco tins and ancient milk bottles from local creameries.

Carla and I tried to do a “once over” before we started shopping, but we couldn’t help ourselves-we started  buying as soon as we walked in the door.


Our priorities were picking up additional blue mason jars to add to our current collection as well as to find some unique bottles that we can use for some our upcoming Spring weddings.

We got crates of these cool milk bottles. Lots of which have the names of old Baltimore dairies on them.

IMG_2289 We also got lots of unique blue mason jars as well as these Baltimore thrift jars (my fave find of the day)


One of the highlights, in addition to our purchases was visiting with one of our May brides, Rachel, and her dad, who have been setting up a table at the bottle show for years. Of course- I was so excited when Rachel’s dad told me I could come search through his basement collection of blue Ball jars! Can’t wait!


You know it’s a good day when you spend every penny you brought with you…and wish you had more. Next year I’ll be better prepared! Check back to see where the bottles/jars end up!


  1. so great! i would have had a field day there.

  2. nathalie-you would have loved it! Definitely check it out next year! the crazy thing was-there were bottles there that were priced for $4000...for a bottle!! Despite the $4000 bottles, we got tons of great deals. I can't wait to use everything we got!

  3. It was awesome. Makes me want to make it my hobby!