Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Talk with Susan Reimer

I started LoCoFlo’s blog two years ago. I was so excited to share information, stories and photos about what we do at Local Color Flowers. At about the same time, I started reading blogs…a lot of blogs. Gardening blogs, flower blogs, wedding blogs…One of my favorites is Susan Reimer’s Garden Variety blog in the Baltimore Sun. Susan is a great resource for all things gardening in and around Baltimore. On any given day you could be reading about how to grow hellebores, legislature that effects gardeners or info on upcoming events that all good gardening nerds will love!

Susan Reimer and EllenThis morning I was excited to head out to Valley View Farms to listen to Susan Reimer talk about her favorite gardening blogs. Turns out we had some of the same favorites including Garden Rant and Washington Gardener.  She also turned me on to some new blogs that I’ll definitely be keeping any eye on in the future including Homestead Gardens’ blog and Garden Designers Round Table. 

Do you have a favorite garden/flower/wedding blog? Let me know which ones you love and I’ll check them out. You can never read too many blogs…can you?


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