Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrate Your Anniversary With Local Flowers

At the end of every year I do a short survey with our customers. I always get great suggestions and ideas from our past clients. This winter I received a suggestion from one of our 2010 brides. Rebecca writes “This is a random thought, but we loved the flowers from our wedding and the ones we took home smelled so good. Have you thought about helping out husbands (or wives) for anniversaries by offering anniversary flowers? Same time of year, similar flowers or colors as the wedding?”


How great right? So, husbands and wives, instead of buying flowers for your partner from the grocery store this year, why not get them a a bouquet of flowers reminiscent of their wedding bouquet made with seasonal, locally grown flowers. What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day! Contact Local Color Flowers for more details!

Thanks to Maggie Mudd Photography for this beautiful photo (of the much loved flowers!)

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