Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real Weddings: Mike and Kate

Kate and Mike’s September wedding at Howard County Conservancy was one of my favorites this year!  When I met Kate last December, she mentioned to me that she had a blog –mostly about wedding ideas, styles etc. I followed Kate’s blog all year long-getting excited right along with her. I loved reading about all of the details and decisions she was making. It also helped me create bouquets and centerpieces that fit perfectly with her style and decor. (so brides, if you have wedding blogs…send me a link!)

Kate looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day! She carried a brightly colored bouquet filled with dahlias, sunflowers, lisianthus, plume celosia and asclepias.

The centerpieces were made up of a collection of mason jars and Patron bottles. The Patron bottles looked awesome! They have a great, unique shape. The glass if beautiful…and the are indestructible!

I also loved this wedding because my oldest and dearest friend was visiting and helped me deliver and set up!  Thanks Kell!

Thanks to our growers for these beautiful flowers-especially Locust Point Flowers and Belvedere Farm! Thanks to Procopio Photography for these absolutely gorgeous photos! To see more photos from Kate and Mike’s wedding, you can check our Procopio’s blog, Kate’s blog, or our flickr site!

Thanks to Kate and Mike for choosing Local Color flowers! Wishing you loads of happiness in the years to come!


  1. I LOVE how the bridesmaid dresses are understated so the flowers can shine. I adore the colors in the bouquets. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Gayle. This really was a beautiful wedding. The colors were both vibrant and really looked wonderful against the dresses. We weren't sure about the sunflowers before we put them in-but they were the perfect addition!

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