Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The City Paper’s Best of Baltimore came out today and they named LoCoFlo Baltimore’s Best Green Business!

So this whole adventure started last week when I got a call from the City Paper saying they were fact checking a write up about LoCoFlo. I asked them what is was for and the girl said she wasn’t free to tell me. That seemed weird-right? When I mentioned the call to my friend Jordan, she said “It’s probably for the Best of Baltimore”. Also weird-because honestly I think this fabulous business is little under the radar.

Then, when I got home that day-these were in the mail.

IMG_1518 Two invites to the Best of Baltimore party tonight!

I have to say- for the last few days I have been a bundle of nerves. Nervous that…maybe it was nothing and I was getting prematurely excited. But at the same time-excited that we might be in the Best of Baltimore.

So, like a freak, I got to the Evergreen Cafe right when they opened this morning. I grabbed a paper and quickly looked in the table of contents…best garden shop…but no mention of a florist. Dang…I thought. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten excited. I checked out Best Garden Shop…and there it was-right underneath: BEST GREEN BUSINESS: Local Color Flowers. I’m sure the girls at the coffee shop thought I was crazy because I was half laughing and half crying in the booth.

I don’t want to sound over dramatic-but this is a big deal for LoCoFlo! I’m so excited and proud of our work. I am so grateful for our great clients and growers and designers! I am so lucky to do work that makes a difference!

Thank you CITY PAPER! I think I love you!


  1. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic!

  2. Way to go LoCoFlo!
    Now you're going to need even more flowers!

  3. I had a feeling you cried.

  4. I am so proud of you and so proud to be a part of this great business!

  5. You deserve it sister! You have a commitment that warrants this recognition!

  6. Awesome news! We are all so excited for you. A well-deserved recognition.

  7. wow-congrats, Ellen, Halten GC will have a celebrity speaker in October!!

  8. Ellen,
    Congratulations, you do a really good job of PR with your business and making potential customers aware that they can have quality locally grown flowers at their weddings or other events. Keep up the good works.

    Belvedere Farm

  9. Thank you so much everyone! Last week was a real whirlwind! Thanks for your flowers, support, kind words and friendship!