Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 28: A Sneak Peak at the Flowers

As you might have guessed, I can’t keep up! I haven’t even been taking photos of the flowers before they leave the shop. To be honest, the shop is so jam packed there isn’t anywhere to take a decent picture!

The reason I can’t keep up is because there have been SO MANY great weddings in the last few weeks. Last week we worked on three beautiful, creative, lovely weddings.

Friday I delivered flowers to Black Ankle Vineyard for Amanda and Kevan’s wedding. It was a warm, sunny Friday-perfect for a wedding at a gorgeous vineyard . The bride’s bouquet was filled with dark red dahlias, red coxcomb and little red gomphrenas. There was also white lisianthus and sweet smelling tuberose. The majority of the bouquet was made up of herbs and scented greens-eucalyptus, mountain mint and lemon basil.


The girls carried vibrant yellow, orange and red bouquets full of zinnias, dahlias, coxcomb, asclepias, sedum and gomprhena.

IMG_1355 Out in the field, the groom set up this charming pergola that we decorated with lilies, coxcomb, statice, eucalyptus and mountain mint.

IMG_1359 IMG_1362

Karen and Brad’s wedding on Saturday’s wedding at the Vandiver Inn in Havre de Grace was awesome! The couple, the colors the flowers-I loved all of it!


The bouquets were filled with orange dahlias, zinnias, asclepias and coxcomb, yellow zinnias and asclepias, white gomphrena and tuberose and loads of greens-succulents, sedum and weigela.

IMG_1370 Half the centerpieces were made from these vintage blue mason jars. The color of the jar with these really rich colored flowers was great!

IMG_1371 The other half of the centerpieces were these very cool submerged hydrangea.

And then…there were the boutonnieres. They were made with…hairy balls or monkey balls or hairy balloons…whatever you want to call them…they were awesome!

IMG_1364 Unfortunately, Morgan’s wedding on Sunday was like the 3rd born child that the parents never take pictures of. It doesn’t mean I loved this wedding any less-I just didn’t take many pictures!

Here’s one of the chuppah made by the groom’s mom and decorated and planted by LoCoFlo. It looked great in the Cloisters garden!

IMG_1387 Thanks to all of our growers Belvedere Farm, Bridge Farm Nursery, Locust Point Flowers and Talmar.

Special thanks to Jen who came to help Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Congratulations to all of our wonderful couples! Thanks for choosing LoCoFlo!


  1. I don't know how you do three weddings in on weekend (one wedding wipes me out)! They all look amazing!!!

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