Thursday, July 29, 2010

August Wedding Flowers...Before the Big Day

IMG_1173I went out to Bridge Farm Nursery today to pick up some flowers for this weekend and to visit with Mel (the farmer and owner of  the farm) and Eric (farm hand extraordinaire).  These guys are both awesome to work with. Bridge Farm Nursery is in Cockeysville (about a 5 minute drive from Wegmans).  It is a beautiful farm with annuals, perennials, lots of woody plants and loads of flowering trees.

In addition to picking up flowers for this week’s wedding (which will be coming soon in this week’s What’s Blooming), I wanted to check on some flowers for next week’s brides. Our brides are SO creative and eclectic and just plain cool. One bride next week, Marnie, is wearing a vintage Mexican wedding dress and wants flowers in deep and bright reds, yellows, purples and oranges. Another bride, Anna, is getting married at the American Visionary Arts Museum. Her colors are plum purple, orange and bright green.

As Mel and I walked around, I was so inspired by everything that was blooming.

IMG_1168Cool, green hydrangeas


Orange Asclepias (with butterfly)


Mel checks out the orange asclepias (with loads of butterflies)

IMG_1176 Deep red asclepias


Velvety celosia in red, orange and pinkIMG_1178

What a great way to spend the  morning right? More to come-when we get these flowers next week and arrange them into fab bouquets and centerpieces for our brides. Check back to see!

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