Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Real Weddings: Jane Ann and Kent

I met Jane Ann and Kent at Flowermart last year.


They came over to our booth and told us they were engaged (they were GLOWING) and that they really wanted to use as many small, local businesses as they could for their wedding.

A few months later, Jane Ann called and said she was  ready to talk flowers. We had a great breakfast together at Miss Shirley’s where we found out that we were both from Western New York- me from Buffalo and her from Batavia-just a few miles up the road.

Jane Ann wanted to use lots of bright spring colors for her flowers. The only stipulation-no orange!



The Bride’s bouquet was made up of brightly colored snapdragons, tulips, mini calla lilies and ranunculus. All of the flowers came from Farmhouse Flowers and Van Dyke Brothers Farm (and hosta leaves from my garden!)


For the table arrangements, we decided we wanted clear glass/crystal vases since the wedding was taking place at Coradetti Glass Studio. After some thrift store shopping, Jane Ann invited me over to look at some of her mother’s antique crystal vases. We decided that they would be a perfect fit. It was especially great because each vase was so unique-it really added alot to the arrangements.

IMG_0459 _DSC8437 _DSC8446 _DSC8636


One other great thing about this wedding, besides meeting Jane Ann and Kent were all of the  great vendors I was able to meet that worked on this wedding include the fab Beej Flamholz, chef extraordinaire; Jill Andrews and Sara Mathes from Jill Andrews Gowns who made Jane Ann’s beautiful dress, Jennifer Graves of Sky Blue Events and Greg Sileo who provided me with these great photos!


This pictures says it all! It’s definitely my favorite of the day!Wishing Jane Ann and Kent many years of happiness and joy together!

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  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jane Ann!! She looked so beautiful! Thanks for the post, Ellen!