Thursday, October 15, 2009

“You’re one of us now…”

That’s what John McKeown of Locust Point Flowers told me last Saturday morning mckeownat 6:30 am-when I went to pick up flowers from him. His comment was prompted by a hair brained plan I explained to him….On Wednesday at 5pm, I would leave Baltimore with Kathy York, my great grower friend from Scarborough Farm in Southern Maryland and we would drive to Long Island for ONE DAY of the National Conference of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

On Thursday at 4pm after a full day of learning, we would drive back to Baltimore (Kathy to Mechanicsville) and then Friday we would both begin work on the weekend’s events-an event at Gertrude’s and a wedding at the Cloisters for me and two weddings for her. That seemed normal…right?

I guess I might also have mentioned how I was looking forward to the winter…when I could catch up on everything I have neglected since March…like sleeping…and going out to new restaurants, seeing movies, reading books, doing laundry, gardening, house projects…

I guess I am one of them now…not bad huh?

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