Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dreaded “Hard Frost”

While Local Color Flowers is a design firm, we aren’t like “regular” florists. While “regular” florists probably spent this past week placing flower orders by phone or email with a wholesale market or supplier in California, or Ecuador or Holland, I spent the last few days trying to find out “Who Had a Hard Frost?”

I didn’t even really know what a Hard Frost was…I just knew that it signaled certain death for any field flowers. I recently learned that a Hard Frost is when both the air and the soil have dropped below freezing. Not to be confused with a Soft Frost- when the air has dropped below freezing but the soils hasn’t.

So, this week I called every grower we have to see if they experienced a hard frost this past weekend. Most had-on Sunday…October 18th. However, some hadn’t. Some had flowers in hoop houses that were safe. Others had flowers in the greenhouse…some even covered their dahlias with blankets for us!

I was worried. I was having flower dreams…

No worries though. For our last two weddings of the season we have absolutely gorgeous dahlias, scented geranium and hydrangeas from Locust Point Flowers and Belvedere Farm.


We also got beautiful snapdragons from Pam Pahl’s farm.


Finally, we got beautiful mums and marigolds from Breidenbaugh Farm.



It should be a great weekend!

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