Monday, July 6, 2009

LoCoFlo:Summer Vacation

So LoCoFlo has a little break from events, until July 25. Since our Spring was so busy, this break comes at a great time. It means we can catch up on all the other things we've been meaning to do but haven't had time to do (put our pictures up on Flikr, finish the Coolbot, update our available flower lists).

One of the things I've been doing is planting some of our favorite LoCoFlo flowers/greens from this Spring. With the houses/yards that Marina and I have right now, we'll never be able to grow enough to supply LoCoFlo (that's what we have our growers for!). Even so, I still want to try these out for myself. So here are some that I'm trying on a shady hill in front of my house.

1. Mountain Mint: Mountain Mint is one of our favorite greens to use in bouquets and arrangements. It comes in a dusty green or a brighter apple like green. It has a sturdy stem and holds up well out of water. It also smells great-especially in boutonnieres!

2. Lily of the Valley: These little jewels are popular with Spring brides. In the Spring they sprout delicate white blooms gently hanging from it's sturdy green leaves. From everything I've read, these shade loving perennials are supposed to spread easily. We'll see how they do on my shady front hill.

3. Hens and Chicks: These succulents have turned out to be great in bouquets and boutonnieres. They take a little bit of work to wire them up, but they are really cute and have great texture and color. We've used them several times this past Spring; most notably in a mostly green Spring bouquet.

4. Rosemary: We always seem to end up using Rosemary when we're in a pinch. It's our "Go To" green filler. Its great in boutonnieres, bouquets and arrangements of all kinds-and again-like the Mountain Mint-it smells great.

I planted some others too; more sedum, coral bells, ferns and asilbe. I'll keep you posted as the summer goes on as to how they do!

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  1. when i was trying to keep one of the succulents growing from my bouquet i noticed just how much work went into wiring them. i had no idea!