Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From LoCoFlo Bride to LoCoFlo Intern

I'm never sure how things work with "regular" florists or floral designers. Maybe they've had this happen-maybe not. Either way, we here at LoCoFlo think it's pretty cool.

Back in June, we created the flowers for Sara Gervase and John Hill's wedding.

Marina and I knew when we met Sara back in the fall, that we would hit it off. She was so easy going and excited about her wedding. She was interested in learning about the flowers that would be available. She was from Buffalo! (in case I haven't mentioned it-I'm from Buffalo and so is Marina's husband-whose family lives one block from Sara's family...i know, i know, it's a small world).

Anyway, we loved working on Sara's wedding. We were equally excited that Sara let us know that she would be interested in "interning" with us. She said she was interested in learning about what we do, about the flowers, about designing etc. So, last Friday, as we prepared for two pretty big weddings, Sara came to help. For a while she just tied raffia on buckets (not much of a learning curve there) then she started working on the table arrangements with Marina.

For her finale, she made two beautiful poseys.

We are definitely looking forward to having Sara come back to help again.

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