Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Farming with Hillen Homestead!

Last week we took a field trip to Baltimore City flower farm, Hillen Homestead. Hillen Homestead, run by Maya Kosok and her lovely husband Max and their adorable baby girl,  is literally just 2 miles from Local Color Flowers studio. Do you know how lucky we are to have a flower farm so close by? VERY lucky!
Hillen Homestead is located in central Baltimore City on a vacant lot where rowhomes used to stand. It’s not gigantic and it’s not overly picturesque…but man is is productive! It’s a perfect example how urban farming can be a great option for small flower farmers. This will be our second year buying from Maya and we couldn’t be more excited.
Carling and Stacy started by tilling beds and spreading compost from Chesapeake Compost Works.
I planted lots and lots of basil…and ageratum and zinnias.
We passed our time talking about flowers and farming and designing and business.  What could be better? It was a fun morning for all of us. Not only did we get to spend a day outdoors helping our friends, we also got to have a direct hand in the flowers we’ll be using this summer.  It was another amazing way to connect with our farmers and the flowers they are growing.
Thanks so much to Maya and Max for letting us come help.
Happy Spring and Happy Planting friends!

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