Thursday, December 12, 2013

LoCoFlo’s Got a New Grower! Introducing Flowers by Bauers

The flower farming community in our region is pretty tight. Most growers know each other and LoCoFlo’s been fortunate to meet and work with many of them. That being said, Dave Dowling, of Farmhouse Flowers had been telling me for years about a grower close to Baltimore that grew snaps in the winter. This year, with more and more winter orders coming in, I thought I would do the research to find this mystery grower.

Their name is Flowers By Bauers and they are located in Jarrettsville, just north of Baltimore. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and the work they do is pretty incredible! Here are some of the things I love about Flowers By Bauers:

  • they are SO passionate about their work (the first day I met Matt Bauer he talked enthusiastically about his work and his plans for the future!)
  • they deliver
  • they have beautiful snaps all winter (and stock starting in January)
  • they’re only 23 miles away

snaps flowers by bauers

Flowers By Bauers is not your average flower farm. This family run business is modeled off the Dutch way of growing …in giant greenhouses. Not only are all of their plants grown indoors…they are also grown hydroponically. Click HERE to watch a short video from MPT profiling Flowers By Bauers showing just how it’s done. (they’re the first segment!)

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to this amazing flower farm. Can’t wait to get a tour of their operations in 2014!

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