Sunday, September 1, 2013

Farmer’s Market Design Class at Local Color Flowers

Our first Farmer’s Market Design class was a huge hit! What could be better than a design class focused on locally grown flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables…with local snack…and visits from farmers?

As folks arrived, they were greeted with snacks and coffee from some of our favorite farmers market vendors including Zeke’s Coffee and Chez G. Once everyone got acquainted, the class started with a welcome from Laura Beth of Butterbee Farm.  We were super excited for folks to meet some of the growers who grew the flowers for our class.

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 9

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 62

After I demonstrated some of the design techniques we would be using, including using chicken wire instead of floral foam and how to use fruit and vegetables in arrangements, the students were ready to begin.

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 6      LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 67

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 31

First they chose their vessels and they they chose their flowers.

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 46    LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 34

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 107

Midway through the class, we were lucky enough to have a visit from John McKeown of Locust Point Flowers,  another one of our amazing farmers as well as Mr. Reid, of Reid’s Orchard, who grew the grapes we used in our designs. It was great to hear about flower and fruit farming in our region.

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 156

Toward the end of class, it was time for tweaking arrangements, gentle critique and final flowers before we took photos.

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 158

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 160

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 182

Finally, the finished products!

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 164   LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 169

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 191  LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 199

LoCoFlo Class (08-03-13) 206 

Thanks to everyone that came out to our class! Thanks to all the farmers that provided our flowers including Butterbee Farm, Hillen Homestead, Capital Flower Growers and Locust Point Flowers.

Special thanks to the AMAZING Ana Isabel Photography for these amazing photos.

To see more photos from the class, check out our flick page.

To sign up for our next Farmer’s Market Design class, check out our Class Page.

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