Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Local Flower Availability

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a call from a potential client (like I did this morning) who told me that they met with a florist or several florists and were told that locally grown cut flowers are not available. Sometimes they say  they’re not available…in Maryland or…in a certain month…like May or…in a certain color…like pink.

IMG_2555 That is just plain wrong. Locally grown cut flowers ARE available in the Mid-Atlantic states from approximately February through approximately November 1. We’ve built our entire business around this fact.

There are hundreds of varieties of cut flowers, herbs, flowering branches, greens and more available in a wide range of colors. To help people get an idea of some of what is available in any given month, we’ve created a page on our website listing flower availability by month.  We have also included, where possible, photos of the flowers. We will be constantly updating these lists as the growers availability lists change.  Just a note about the lists: they are not an exact/complete list of what’s available. We are always adding new growers to our network and they will be growing things that no one else has. Our growers also try new things every season so there will always additions. If you love a certain flower-and don’t see it on there-ask us about it.

We’ve also updated our list of growers on our website. We currently have a dozen or so growers listed and will continue to update this list with new growers we meet and start to work with.  If you are not in the Mid-Atlantic states and are looking for a local grower in your area, you can always check the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers website for a grower near you.

Some florists might not know that locally grown flowers are available. Some may not want to deal with the logistics of getting local flowers from farms and farmers markets. But to say that locally grown flowers are not available for weddings in Maryland between February and October is just plain wrong.

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