Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I’ll Do In the Winter: Organize Photos


I’m fortunate to work with great photographers. They always take amazing, artistic, creative photographs of our flowers and our clients with our flowers. (photo above from Wendy Hickok) (photo below by Jocelyn Mathewes) Most of them have been super generous and share the photos with us for our website, blog, Facebook and more.

Nathalie & Cory Cone Wedding by Local Color Flowers Baltimore.

My problem is trying to organize and manage all of these wonderful gifts throughout the year. Not to mention, I bought a new camera myself this year, which has encouraged me to take a gazillion pictures of my own too…more to manage.


In an attempt to get organized and with a goal of being able to share as many pictures of our work as possible, I started a LoCoFLo Flickr account. Flickr has turned out to be a pretty good tool. It will now hold ALL of my photos for LoCoFlo including ones I’ve taken myself and ones I’ve been gifted by photographers and clients. I will continue  to “tag” them as best I can so that everyone who should get credit (farmers, photographers) gets credit and so that they are easy to search through. If you get a chance to look at them, I’d encourage you to make comments-especially if you like them!

I’ve also joined the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers Flickr group called Real Weddings with Locally Grown Flowers. This group is full of beautiful photos from farmers and designers from all over the country that are using locally grown flowers for weddings. I am so proud to be included in this group! Be sure to check it out and let the growers/designers know how much you LOVE their work-like the  great bouquet by Shady Grove Garden and Nursery in North Carolina.

Blues and browns bouquet by shady grove gardens.

You can also see LoCoFlo pictures on our Facebook Fan Page, on this blog and on our website

For the most comprehensive collection of our pictures though, be sure to check out the new Flickr site.

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