Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Market Starts Today!

The Mt Washington Whole Foods Farmers Market starts today! Located in the Whole Foods parking lot, the market runs 4-7pm every Wednesday through the end of October.

While I think it's a little weird for a grocery store to host a farmers market, I love this market because one of our favorite flower growers is there: Bill Harlan of Belvedere Farm.

All summer and fall you can visit Bill's stand and be treated to some of the most beautiful cut flowers in the Baltimore area. For the first week Bill's stand was full of awesome Bells of Ireland, early Sunflowers, red and white Sweet William and red and white Lilies.

We'll be using the Bells of Ireland and Sweet William for weddings this weekend and the sunflowers and lilies for weddings next weekend. Be sure to check back this weekend to see how we use them!

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