Thursday, April 30, 2009

Year One done, Welcome Year Two!

First off, I just wanted to say "Hi".  Ellen has been putting up some great blogs, I wanted to join in on the conversation.

Last year Flower Mart was the official launch date of Local Color Flowers, it's hard to believe we've been in business for a year, but also hard to remember life without Locoflo. 

Today Ellen and I had a full day of Flower Mart preparation, welcoming Year Two.  We calmly put all the pieces together that we had been thinking about for months.  A new back drop for the tent, new pictures to show off, a dry run of tent set up, and arranging flowers.  I sewed, cut art board, designed the "show" arrangements, and overall loved being in our shop creating with Ellen. Which is for me one of the most fun aspects of this venture, creating beautiful floral pieces.  We are really excited about this weekend's festival.  Come on out May 1st and 2nd to Flower Mart to see our work! 

We had a friend pop over to visit, which was so lovely, Cathy commented on how much our workshop fits Locoflo.  Cathy has been one of our greatest cheerleaders from the beginning of Local Color Flowers.  She helped on many of our large projects over the past year,  in which all the floral preparation that happened, took place in kitchens and dinning rooms, so I'm glad Cathy came to see the new workshop.  The new workshop that needs a new cooler... stay tuned for that story...

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  1. I love that I got a 'shout out' on the Locoflo blog. Marina, it was great to see the workshop. You guys have come so far in just one year. And the space does feel very Locoflo. The extra touches, the creativity... the bamboo (?) pole on the wall holding all the ribbon... the cool green wall... Love it. I especially enjoy watching you two create!